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Komatsu Electic Rope Minning Sovel Machine Hydraulic Pump Repair

Komatsu is one of the largest mining equipment manufacturers in the world. Its broad product range includes dump trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, rope shovels and hydraulic excavators for the mining industry. With the new PC4000-11 electric drive, Komatsu shows its fundamental knowledge and its many years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and maintaining electric driven hydraulic excavators.

Unique and yet proven

Komatsu Germany Mining started to build the first hydraulic mining excavator driven by an electric motor in the early 1980s´. Now, almost 40 years later, Komatsu has delivered more than 250 electric driven hydraulic excavators worldwide. With over 7 million operating hours, Komatsu is one of the most experienced and most successful companies developing, manufacturing, and maintaining this type of machine. The unique advantage of the electrically driven hydraulic excavator lies in the reduced operating costs, made possible by the elimination of diesel costs and the fact that they are not obliged to comply with any emission regulations.

Easy Access and Maintenance

Access and maintenance are improved by the new 45° access systems. This gives operation and maintenance personnel easier and safer access to the machine. The stairways to the machinery house level, as well as the stairway from machinery house level to the cabin are now simpler.

Emergency Egress System

Equipped with three emergency exits on two sides of the machine, and one emergency exit hatch from the machinery house to the roof, the highest safety standards for the machine operator are ensured. Located on the cab side as well as the opposite side on the machinery house, a stable ladder is mounted in two pieces as a flip down, this also has an anti-slip surface to ensure safe egress.

Monitoring Systems and Machine Control

The KOMTRAX Plus system upgrade is a reliable and long proven Komatsu feature which provides real time information about the operating status of the machine.

KOMTRAX Plus monitors all data for quick and efficient handling directly in the operator’s cabin. As well as this, a new simplified electrical system is now standard. Komatsu controllers reduce nodes and provides redundancy in the electric system for more efficiency in the mine.

One further highlight of this machine is the greatly improved machine control, which is based on a redundant CAN-Bus system in combination with a Komatsu controller. The tailor-made controller, which works together with the Komatsu hydraulic pumps and the engine, provides optimum performance and reliability. In addition, the redundant CAN-Bus system is one major point of the machine safety concept. By complying with the European Machinery directive, Komatsu can provide the highest level of safety as standard.

Special Features – KomVision & Payload Management

KomVision offers a 360° bird’s eye view for safer machine operation. A monitor in the operator’s cabin shows the full view of the machine and its surroundings. The operator is additionally able to select one of the cameras for a detailed view of a required area by way of a 10-inch touch panel.

Argus PLM is the Payload Meter which is a measuring tool to identify the bucket payload. With the operator able to see the bucket fill, the number of required passes per truck can be reduced which means a more efficient and quicker truck loading. In the future the system will be standard, it is currently available as Argus ready (option), as an integrated system. Integrated means a completely implemented payload system in the machine control and monitoring system.