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Mitsui Miike Dozer Roadheader Hydraulic Pump Repair Service

Following Maintenance & Repair Service & Testing All Hydraulic Kinds of Hydraulic System of Industrial & Spare Parts Sales & Services

Fault Finding Installation Or Recondition Hydraulic Pump & Motor & Control Valve & Pressure Holding Valve & Cylinder & Jacks.

  • Cutting hard rock up to 130 MPa, (18,855 Psi)
  • Cutting height = 9.5 mm (31.16),
  • Cutting Width = 11 mm (36.08),

Combined with the flexibility of either Dozer or Gathering style machine, the Mitsui can adapt itself to almost any project, standard or flame proof, while maintaining both economy and versatility. an Automatic Profile Cutting System, and you have the best machine on the market today.